Current Bus Driver version is 1.5 - Bus Driver Gold

New features in Bus Driver Gold:

  • translation of in-game texts for English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands;
  • a new bus to drive;
  • new camera perspective option;
  • new set of routes in an additional extra-hard tier;
  • mouse support for game menu control;
  • improved compatibility with DirectX graphics chipsets.

How to update older version of Bus Driver to Bus Driver Gold:

  • NOTE: This information only applies to digitally distributed version downloaded from this website!
  • There is no separate patch to update the old game to new one. You need to Download the full installation package of the 1.5 version, uninstall the previous version from your computer, and install the new version.
  • In the process of installation, the game activation information will be lost - the game will appear to have switched back to time-limited demo mode. This is unfortunate but inevitable side-effect of patching a three year old game after such a long time
  • Fortunately, there is no need to re-purchase the game, all that's needed is a re-activation.
  • If you have already lost the activation code since time of purchase (it has arrived through e-mail), you can request the code to be resent - just follow the steps outlined in the Tech Support area in sections #6 and #7.
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