Navigation in Menus

Focused menu items are marked by aqua blue colour.

Use the cursor keys (, , , ) to navigate across menu items and buttons.

Use the Enter key to activate focused item or confirm selection.

Use the Esc key to go back to previous menu or close panel.

Default Keyboard Controls

Action Key
Steering Left Left Arrow
Steering Right Right Arrow
Throttle Up Arrow
Brake / Reverse Down Arrow
Doors Enter
Left Indicator [
Right Indicator ]
Hazard Flasher F
Left Mirror -
Right Mirror =
Horn H
Screenshot F10

In-game, use the F1 key to get help, mission information, and controls.

The key assignments described here are just the default ones. Use the Options -> Controls menu panel to adjust key mapping to suit your preference.

Optional Controllers

Bus Driver supports DirectX 8 compatible joysticks, gamepads, and steering wheels. Once configured in your operating system (use Start -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers), set up the game to use the device for controlling the bus. Use the in-game Options -> Controllers menu to configure action mapping and adjust sensitivity parameters.